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San DiegoSEPTEMBER 11-13, 2023

Keynote & Featured Speakers

KEYNOTE SPEAKER | September 11, 2023

Jade Simmons

Are you ready to experience a seismic shift in your mindset? There’s not a bigger believer in your potential to think bigger, do bigger, and be bigger than Jade Simmons.

A world-class concert pianist and powerhouse speaker, Jade uses the piano as a vehicle to provide inspiration, entertainment, and transformation that profoundly moves her audience. She connects leaders and professionals to their purpose and unleashes momentum in both life and business.

Don’t miss this incredible opening keynote to kick off BeyondTheBlack on a high note.

BTB 2023 Keynote Speaker - Jade Simmons
KEYNOTE SPEAKER | September 13, 2023

Maurice Conti

As a futurist and an expert in emerging technologies and AI, Maurice Conti is here to tell us that we’ve gone beyond into a new era. A rare blend of a hands–on practitioner and big thinker, Maurice helps companies thrive in this rapidly changing landscape. He’s particularly adept at seeing the technological potential in a company’s future and has inspired audiences to rethink their approach to innovation.

Get ready to hear a provocative and illuminating talk on how technology is changing the ways we live, work, and conduct business—including in the world of finance and accounting.

BTB 2023 - Keynote Speaker - Maurice Conti

Inspiring BlackLine Speakers

These BlackLine leaders have a wealth of knowledge built on years of experience helping our customers modernize and transform their F&A processes. Each of them goes beyond to ensure your success, and they can’t wait to share their insights and expertise to guide you on your journey to modern accounting.

BTB 2023 - BL Speaker - Therese Tucker
Therese Tucker

Founder & Co-CEO

BTB 2023 - BL Speaker - Owen Ryan
Owen Ryan


Patrick Villanova

Chief Accounting Officer

Pete Hirsch

Chief Technology Officer

Tammy Coley

Chief Transformation Officer

Stephen Wolfman

Vice President, Solutions Management

Swetha Beepyata

Senior Director, BlackLine Accounting Studio

Molly Boyle

Financial Close Solutions Strategy

Adam Laura

Senior Director, Intercompany

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